Remote keyholder

Remote keyholder

Do you like chastity play, orgasm control, orgasm denial and such things? Are you looking for a remote keyholder? I can be that. I will control whether or not you have access to the key to your chastity cage, and you will get assignments to get your key back sooner if you do them well. I may send you pictures to make you even hornier during your chastity. I may punish you if you fail an assignment by leaving you locked up longer. I may leave it to chance whether you will be allowed to come today or not. All dependent on what you like, what turns you on, and what your limits are.


You will receive a remote lockbox that I control, with a safety backup so you can always get the key in case of emergency, even if for instance I don’t have a network connection. The system we use is safe and not easily hackable. I have used it for over a year now without any problems.

What will you need?

  • a smartphone with an internet connection
  • an app available in the Google play store and Apple app store
  • a remote lockbox, which I will buy, register to my name, and then send to you
  • a chat connection with me through FetLife or WhatsApp

How does this work?

We will first have a good discussion on your limits, your fantasies, and what makes you want to be in chastity for me. It’s important to me to know what you like, so I can decide if you get it or not. It also helps me to understand your physical limits, which are important to take into account. Chastity play can be very fun and erotic when done right.

What does it cost?

Chastity does not come cheap. There will be an initial startup cost of €250,-. For this, I will buy your lockbox (€180,-), register it to my app, ship it to you and give you your safety backup code, as well as the intake on your limits and fantasies as described before. After this, I charge €30,- for every day your key is locked in the lockbox. During this day you will get at least one assignment from me and I will send you chat messages at least twice.