Where can I see You and have a live session?
I do live sessions at Domination Palace in Valkenswaard, Netherlands.

Do I need to make an appointment?
It is not absolutely necessary to make an appointment, but it is preferable. If you come by without an appointment, you risk me not being available. For online contact or chat it is not necessary to make an appointment, you can always ask if I have time. But if you do make an appointment, you can be sure that I am available.

What can I expect during a session?
Especially if you’ve never visited a pro Domina before, you will probably have a lot of questions about what is going to happen.
First, you will be received by a member of the Domination Palace team. You will be led to the bar (or a free room if the bar is taken) and offered something to drink. Then you and I have a short talk about what you want, what your limits are etc. After this you will take a shower, and your play time starts after that.

Will there be others present in the studio?
Yes, at Domination Palace there are (always) a receptionist and (usually) other Mistresses and other guests present. You will not see the guests unless both you and the other guests consent to it. It is possible to book a duo session with me and one of the other Mistresses at Domination Palace, contact Domination Palace for more information and booking.

Can You tell me exactly what is going to happen?
No, everyone is different, and I never know beforehand what exactly will happen during a session. There is sufficient time to discuss your desires and boundaries. I will of course take these into account, but the exact run of the session also depends on my guest’s responses and is not perfectly predictable. (Predictable sessions would be a horror of boredom for me, too.)

I am much older or younger than You, is this a problem?
No, I play with people of any age over 20. I adapt my play to your experience and physical possibilities.

What are Your boundaries?
My hard limits are:

  • anything that can cause gagging or vomiting sounds, like large gags, deepthroating my strapon, face fucking and bisexual oral play
  • play with vomit or faeces
  • age play, baby play, diaper play
  • spitting
  • needles and knives
  • play under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I’ll play with you only as long as you are legally allowed to drive

Besides this, I don’t do anything unsafe, such as unprotected sexual acts, hitting kidneys, electro play with heart patients, true suffocation, etc.
Then there are things that I don’t do because I can’t do them, such as shibari (I do basic bondage only) and suspension.
I am not into bratting (in any direction), humiliation or degradation.

Are You looking for a relationship?
Nope, find yourself a dating app.

Do You have piercings and tattoos?
I have several tattoos and no piercings.

Is it possible to make sure I have no marks or bruises after a session?
Yes, this is no problem.

Will You be naked during the session?
I like to play with exhibitionism and nudity, so there is a good chance you can see (some of) me naked. But only if you behave and know your place. My nudity is something I can give you, not something you can demand.

Are You looking for a sub at home? Or to live with You?
No. I do not receive guests at home.

Can I touch You?
If I want you to and you ask nicely. If our play and chemistry, and your attitude, are right, you can probably touch for instance my legs. But only with my explicit permission and if you do it without asking you can be sure I will not allow you to touch me again. Being allowed to touch me is something I can give you, not something you can demand. This is about what I want. Be respectful, listen to me, don’t try to take matters into your own hands.

Can I touch You intimately?
This even more is about what I want. If I feel the right chemistry and I want you to touch me intimately, I can allow you to. I only will if you are respectful, ask first, and listen to me.

Do You do [insert any sexual activity]?
If I want to. Intimate activities can be possible, but only if I feel the right chemistry and if I want it in the moment. I decide that on the day of the session, during the pre-talk or sometimes during the session. So it is not possible to book a sexual session with me, or demand any sexual act of me. This, especially, is something you cannot demand but something I can decide to give you. Even when we’ve done sexual acts before, this is not a promise or guarantee I will do it again.

Do You do online sessions?
I am starting to do online sessions. At the moment only short, custom ones. This can be done by chatting, calling or camming. Send me a message if you are interested in an online session.

Is it possible to do a cam check or fake check?
No, it is not. If you do not believe I am a real person and trust my integrity, it is a bad idea to do any SM anyway. Check my photos, read my website, send me a message through LoyalFans to convince yourself.

Can I get a special price offer?
No. I have taxes and costs, and all this takes more time than you think. My prices are fair, and I make no exceptions. If you don’t have the budget to book a live session, try some online chatting or buy some of my pictures on LoyalFans. Or start saving.

Can I give You something?
Yes! See my gifts page [coming very soon] for more about what you can give me and how.